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Meet the author of the cozy Regency mystery novel A Most Agreeable Murder, Julia Seales! This book is like Agatha Christie meets Jane Austen–Miss Marple meets Catherine Morland, with a loveably grumpy detective, enormous books of etiquette, squelch holes, and murder. 

Read Chapter 16 of Sense and Sensibility as Marianne continues to mope and an old friend comes for a visit, and possibly makes his servant walk 20 miles.

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Ents and Sensibility is a podcast for Jane Austen lovers who love bold witty women, awkward handsome men, dragons and second breakfast. Listen here or on your favorite podcast app.

The bookshelf at Ents and Sensibility is full of Austen novels, gothic romance, horror, criticism, lots of fantasy novels, and of course the prerequisite picture of Mr. Darcy. Everyone is welcome to peruse the library and take a book. 

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