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Read the show notes from every episode of Ents and Sensibility. The nerding-out continues with discussions of Hobbits, Star Wars, Broadway shows, and Regency fashion, trends and manners.

Episode 14: Practically Perfect in Every Way?

Henry Austen 

Meet Jane’s favorite brother, the charming and handsome Henry Austen. We learn about his varied careers, his perchance for gossip, and how chatting up his doctor got Jane an invitation to the Prince Regent’s house. 

In Chapter 13, everything is perfect and Willoughby doesn’t want anything to change. Ever. Not sure what that means for Marianne. 

Episode 13: You’ve Got Mail Colonel Brandon!

rational creatures season 2 movie night
Rational Creatures season 2 begins Fall 2022.
Courtesy Rational Creatures

In Episode 13 we meet the crew of the YouTube hit show Rational Creatures

Breakfast at Barton Park is a busy, polite affair interrupted by the mail. We learn why Marianne may feel guiltier than she thinks she does. 

Episode 12: A Horse By Any Other Name

queen mab arthur rackhanIn Episode 12 we fall for Fire Island and dip a toe in the Persuasion controversy. 

In the chapter discussion, Willoughby is showing distinct signs of falling in love with Marianne, such as cutting her hair and giving her a horse she can’t afford. We delve into the meaning behind Queen Mab’s name and find out what Jane might actually think of Sensibility in some of her juvenalia. 

Episode 11: Not So Hastings

cassandra austen

Silhouette of Cassandra Austen, sister of Jane Austen. By Unknown author.

Do you know where Jane got her inspiration for Colonel Brandon? Hint: It’s a close friend of the extended Austen family. 

In Episode 11 we discuss Chapter 11 of Sense and Sensibility. Marianne and Willoughby continue their public displays of affection while Elinor is lonely for her old home. 

We also meet Jane’s dearest friend and older sister, Cassandra.

Episode 10: Preservers and Palanquins

Marianne recovers from her fall and Willoughby visits the cottage daily to see her. Together they make a terrible twosome that finds a new punching bag in the old, boring Col. Brandon. Elinor finds that Willoughby might be her worst nightmare, a man just like her sister. 

We’ll discuss what Austen might mean by naming Willoughby “Marianne’s preserver.” 

It’s Jane’s 236th birthday this month. Let’s celebrate!

An 1811 caricature of contemporary British nabobs. — from Wikipedia

Episode 9: The Three Willoughbys

Ents and Sensibility is back after a summer vacation for more Austen! We’re delving into Chapter 9 of “Sense and Sensibility,” and discovering Jane’s sources for the dashing John Willoughby. 

John Willoughby Dominic Cooper

John Willoughby portrayed by Dominic Cooper in 2008’s BBC series “Sense and Sensibility.”

Episode 8: Race and the Austen Community

Sanditon Charlotte and Miss Lambe
Sanditon Charlotte and Miss Lambe

Den of Geeks writer and cosplayer Amanda-Rae Prescott and I discuss racism in the Austen fandom, the meaning behind Sanditon’s pineapple, and how to confront racism and other behavior in online communities. This was a great conversation and I hope Amanda-Rae and I can continue it in the future.

In Chapter 8, Marianne can’t understand how an old man like Colonel Brandon (he’s 35, he’s not old) can fall in love with her. We try to get over our modern feelings of ickiness.

Marianne is far more worried about Elinor’s lack of concern about Edward, who hasn’t come to visit yet.

Episode 7: Party All the Time

Meet the Middletons. They enjoy hosting parties and being elegant. Sir John is the party-thrower and Lady Middleton provides elegant drivel. 

Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy released the album “Party All the Time,” in 1985.

EPISODE 6: Etiquette and Protocol

Lady Middleton C3PO
Lady Middleton is the protocol droid of Georgian England.

The Dashwoods make their melancholy journey to Devonshire and are pleasantly surprised by the scenery and Barton Cottage. They meet their landlord, the anti-John Dashwood, and his wife, who is programmed for etiquette and protocol. 

In The Janeites and the Critics, we meet one of Jane’s earliest fans, whose Royal person allowed her to dedicate “Emma” to him.   



EPISODE 5: So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

Mrs. Dashwood continues to burn her bridges as she packs up her life and children to move across the country. We discuss everything from servant salaries to New England potholes. We begin to meet the Austen family, starting with the literary member of the family. (It’s not Jane).

James Austen
James Austen, Jane’s oldest brother.

EPISODE 4: Episode 4: Mrs. Dashwood Strikes Back

The #SaveSanditon campaign may have worked, there are rumors of production stirrings.

Elinor and Marianne discuss their thoughts on the ideal Georgian man. Mrs. Dashwood gets an offer she can’t refuse.

In Austen News Today, Charlotte and Sidney may get a Season 2 of Sanditon. Jane herself will come to the the big screen (or HBO Max).

I received a letter from a fan in Colorado!

Episode 3: He is In Fact a Hobbit

Edward Ferrars doesn’t want to go to Parliament or drive a fancy carriage. All he wants is a seat by the fire and the kettle beginning to sing.

Mrs. Dashwood holds out hope that her son-in-law will help her family somehow.

We learn about the many international Jane Austen organizations and societies.

Jane Austen's House Museum
Jane Austen’s House Museum in Chawton, UK is the final home of the author.

Episode 2: If She Weighs the Same as a Duck

Thomas LeFroy
Tom LeFroy was one of Jane Austen’s first love interests.

Fanny Dashwood talks her husband out of helping his sisters and stepmother despite promising his father that he would.

We talk about what 500 pounds in the 1790s would by in the 2020s.

Jane’s first love interest was a a handsome young man she meets at a ball.

EPISODE 1: Death Becomes Him

Welcome to the Ents and Sensibility Podcast. In our premier episode we begin Jane Austen’s first published novel, “Sense and Sensibility.” We discuss 18th century novels of sensibilities, and the ways Jane subverts the genre in her book.

We wish Jane a very happy birthday and discuss some of the latest Austen news.

Woman and child in mourning dress
A Regency woman and child in full mourning dress.
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